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Another hat to wear…

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Not literally, of course – although it is VERY cold at the moment.  I mean figuratively.  I seem to have a lot of hats to wear.  A lot of fingers in a lot of pies.  My Twitter bio (@_julesjam) reads like this:

Journalist, mother, coffee drinker, blogger, cake maker, Christian, runner, photographer, iphoneographer, magazine reader, film watcher, gardener…Scanner

…because this was the best way I could think of to describe who I am and what I do (in as few characters as possible!).  And now I shall add to the list….Mumsnet Local Ambassador!

MN Ambassador badge

Mumsnet is in the process of improving its local sites and it just so happens I know the lovely lady who’s currently editing the Dundee site and she was kind enough to ask me to contribute.  Being an Avid Fan of Mumsnet and willing to do anything to be one of the gang, I agreed!

So I had the opportunity to go along to Scotland’s Jute Museum, Verdant Works, to review the attraction for the local site.  I took the Big Girl and left the Little Girl to go food shopping with her Dad (a good decision – she would have run riot at the museum).  It was a very pleasant way to spend a bit of time with my eldest – these opportunities are few and far between – and helped fill three days’ worth of inservice holidays!

If you’re interested, you can find my little review here at the Mumsnet Local Dundee site.

Little adjustments

In Jules, Parenting on October 23, 2012 at 9:44 pm

When you’ve got children you’re constantly making little adjustments.  As they grow and develop, each stage – be it awesome or awful – gives way to another stage with its own joys and challenges.  This all sounds a little cheesy, and I’ll confess this post may be a bit more soppy than usual.  Basically I’m trying to say I’m finally realising we’re leaving the baby stage behind us and, while a part of me – a LARGE part of me – is quite glad about that, I’m still a bit sad.

I watch Little Girl getting bigger and louder and smarter and more capable and I realise this is the last time we’ll see the super-cute 2-3 year stage, when they’re still cuddly and soft and squishy, and say funny things that don’t make sense – but they can sleep better, and feed themselves, and nappies are on the way out.

We’re not planning any more additions to the family (as Mr Robbo says: the team is picked, let’s get on with the game) so my relief to be leaving behind all the inconveniences of baby and toddler-hood is giving way a little to a sense of sadness that we really won’t get to do all the good bits again.  I’m resolving to make the most of the sleepy morning snuggles, the little cute feet and innocent giggles…to keep me going when my two cherubs are replaced by chaotic, hormonal, stroppy teens.

However, on a different note, I had a really good day away from my children today – one of my full days at work.  I feel I’m settling into the role, and enjoying most of the tasks I’m given to do.  I was super-busy with a huge to-do list today, but I worked through it and ticked things off and had a really satisfying sense of productivity.  I’m certainly adjusting to this new rhythm of life, and beginning to figure out a sensible balance to each week.

Both the job and the growing children have also caused a shift in our plans as a family too – Mr Robbo and I were recently discussing how we now feel a bit more free to plan things; weekends away, holidays abroad, proper budgeting and saving for things we’d like to do but previously struggled to afford – maybe even eventually moving to a bigger home for these rapidly growing girls!

So I suppose I’m just reflecting on all the changes of the past few months.  Seen together things seem to be completely different to how they were a year, two years ago – but in fact, it was just a series of little adjustments in circumstances, finances, attitudes, ambitions which has brought us to where we are now.

Concentration... via julesrobertson

Concentration… via julesrobertson

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Saying goodbye to an old friend…

In Jules on October 15, 2012 at 9:36 pm

…is always sad.  Especially if that friend has been in your life for about seven years, been a huge practical help with your two children, been reliable and faithful…there for you in good times and bad, fine weather and stormy days…

Bye bye little red car... via julesrobertson

Bye bye little red car… via julesrobertson

Yep, I’m changing my car.

And it’s a bit sad.  It’s funny how attached you can become to an inanimate object – but I am!  I think of this little Clio as my first proper car, although it wasn’t really my first car – this was:

Me & my go-kart!

I don’t really count the Fiat Siecento as it was more like a glorified go-kart than a car.  The Clio was bought only a couple of years later when I realised that really there was only a bit of tin between me and the road or another car, and I studied the ENCAP ratings of many other makes and models before deciding Renault was a pretty safe bet.
And I was right – the Clio has been reliable and a great wee runner.  I’ve really enjoyed driving it for the past seven years or so, but as it’s now approaching its 10th birthday, the MOT/service bills were becoming eye-wateringly large as various bits of engine began to wear.  Coincidentally, my MIL has decided to change her car as well, and so a deal has been done and I am now the proud owner of a rather sporty silver Astra.  It’s got five doors and everything!
I will miss my wee red motor but I probably won’t miss playing a form of 3D jigsaw when it comes to trying to fit two children, all our bags and a full Tesco shop into it.  You thought Popes in a Volkswagen was difficult…?

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